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Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies forTherapeutics

OMAX is one of the very few companies in Sri Lanka that has the knowhow and the skills to market antibodies for therapeutic usage. OMACX is well aware of the challenges faced by institutions in marketing these complicated molecules and areconfident of the knowledge it possesses to face anychallenge in a competitive environment. Further inmanaging the market for antibodies, OMACX has theunique advantage of maintaining the one- to- oneservice culture required.

Artist's representation of DNA.
Oncology Drugs

OMACX possess personnel who have been at the very helm of marketing a comprehensive range of Oncology molecules with wide exposure and experience in this field.

High end Antibiotics

OMACX comprises of personnel who have built immense reputation in marketing the latest and the most advanced antibiotics, whilst possessing the optimal storing and transport facilities for these drugs.

Surgical Niche Items

OMACX has personnel who are well known in penetrating the market and promoting unique and niche surgical products.