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About Us

OMACX is a service provider. It provides a service by importing and marketing finest quality pharmaceutical products in Sri Lanka.  We believes in maintaining total and high-quality processes right through out.  Our aim is to aspires the custodians of the latest molecules and will strive to represent world renowned quality products.

The Pharmaceutical Industry in Sri Lanka is expanding at a very rapid pace. Sri Lanka, proud custodian of one of the finest health services in the world is currently focusing on improving quality of care whilst expanding access to healthcare as well. The said approach to healthcare by the Sri Lankan Government has opened up new avenues and numerous opportunities to the pharmaceutical industry. However it is only the most professionally run corporate that are bound to harness the new vents created by the industry.

Future of the pharmaceutical industry in Sri Lanka belongs to the corporate that function with utmost professional integrity and with sound good governance practices. Total Quality of products and operations will be the key to sustain and enhance the market share, in the complex environment offered by the business environment today. This very fact challenges many of the pharmaceutical marketers in Sri Lanka, but not OMACX.

OMACX Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd., is a Privately owned Limited Liability Company duly incorporated under the Companies Act No7 of 2007 of The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. OMACX Healthcare is also registered as a pharmaceutical importer and distributor with the Cosmetics, Devices and Drugs Authority of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.